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Smerdis Proclaims King... 01/07/522BC History
When Cambyses was conquering Egypt, someone calling himself Smerdis claiming to be his brother rebelled and proclaimed king. His rule started on March...View Details»

Mohammad Blinded By Masood Ghaznavi... 01/07/1030 History
Before his death, Sultan Mahmoud of the Ghaznavi dynasty had chosen Masood as the crown prince to succeed him. The Ghaznavi dynasty was founded by Sab...View Details»

Second Mongol Expedition Of Persia... 01/07/1251 History
According to Mongol traditions, after Kuyuk died in 1248, a tent assembly was convened to elect Mangu as the new leader.Hulagu was assigned to a great...View Details»

Regulations For Second Parliament Elections... 01/07/1909 History
Regulations For Second Iranian Majlis (Parliament) Elections Second election regulations also called 2 phase elections were approved according to whi...View Details»

How a Big Cat Started Europe’s Addiction to Oil ... 01/07/1911 History
By Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist On July 1, 1911, a German gunboat named Panther sailed into the port of Agadir, Morocco, and chan...View Details»

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty ... 01/07/1968 History
The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, also Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT or NNPT) is a treaty to limit the spread of nuclear...View Details»

First Iran–US Claims Tribunal Convenes... 01/07/1981 History
(Wikipedia) - The Iran-United States Claims Tribunal (IUSCT) is an international arbitral tribunal established out of an agreement between Iran and th...View Details»

Iran plans to produce 20,000 MW of nuclear power by 2020 | euronews, I... 01/07/2013 News
- Iran intends to produce “about 20,000 megawatts of nuclear-generated electricity” over the next few years, according to the Director of the Atomic E...View Details»

Sony says Dubai dealers sold Iran $12.8 million in equipment| Reuters ... 01/07/2013 News
(Reuters) - Sony Corp said some dealers in Dubai resold about $12.8 million worth of its video equipment and medical instruments to Iranian ministries...View Details»

Prominent clergy: Father warned against Ahmadinejad confronting Leader... 01/07/2013 News
Tehran, YJC. Ayatollah Lankarani’s son says his father used to expect a time when Ahmadinejad would oppose the Supreme Leader. Mohammadjavad Fazel Lan...View Details»