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Estamboli Pulao (Persian Tomato Rice)... 09/01/2018 Cuisine
By you desk As the name suggests, the origins of this recipe comes from Persia but different families make it differently.... recipe As the name sugg...View Details»

Persian Food Recipes: Naz Khatoon (Eggplant Dip)... 14/02/2017 Cuisine
2 Large Eggplants 2 Small Potatoes 1 Small Onion 2 Tbsp Pomegranate Molasses 1/2 Cup Verjuice 1 Tbsp Dried Mint 1/2 Tbsp Ground Angelica Vegetable Oil...View Details»

Chef Nabavi Shares Menu for Persian Dinner ... 05/09/2016 Cuisine
By Maui Now Acclaimed chef Paris Nabavi has released the menu for his upcoming Persian Dinner, which he hosts quarterly at his home to benefit Grow So...View Details»

Healthy Iranian Persian Recipes Salad Shirazi Recipe... 14/10/2013 News
SALAD SHIRAZI 3 Tomatoes 3 Cucumbers 1 Small Onion 1/4 Bunch Mint (leaves) 2 Lemons 1/3 Cup Verjuice (Sour Grape Juice) 2 Tbsp Olive Oil Salt PREPARA...View Details»

Is Iran REALLY Planning on Sending a Cat Into Space?... 04/10/2013 News
“You’re sending me where? You go first…” -signed Space Cat. “I’m going where?” No, this isn’t The Onion… as a concerned consumer of all that is space...View Details»

Satire: Poll: Majority Of Americans Approve Of Sending Congress To Syr... 10/09/2013 News
WASHINGTON—As President Obama continues to push for a plan of limited military intervention in Syria, a new poll of Americans has found that though th...View Details»

OMG! A Muslim is obsessed with Jesus - Opinion - Al Jazeera English... 31/07/2013 News
My first thought as I watched the now infamous interview between Reza Aslan and the Fox News \"Religion Reporter\" Lauren Green (note to Religion Repo...View Details»

Persian Food for Ramadan (Aash Reshteh) Farsnews... 18/07/2013 News
TEHRAN (FNA)- From Halva to Aash Reshteh, our library of Iranian and Persian recipes offers highlights of these Middle Eastern cuisines for the holy m...View Details»