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PERSIAN EFFECT ... 07/10/2017 Arts
By Vidya Unnithan, Pune Mirror | Updated: Oct 7, 2017, 02.30 AM IST Listen to stories about Khusrau in a Persian storytelling form narrated by the wel...View Details»

Oblivion Season bags 2 awards at Queens World Filmfest ... 24/03/2016 Fun
News ID: 3584237 - Tue 22 March 2016 - 18:59 Culture TEHRAN, Mar. 22 (MNA) – Abbas Rafei’s feature narrative film Oblivion Season has earned two awar...View Details»

Yemen – The Mainstream Narrative is Grossly Misleading | Global Resear... 27/04/2015 Politics
By Jan Oberg Global Research, April 26, 2015 Details»

The One-Sided US Narrative on Iran | Consortiumnews... 16/02/2015 Politics
February 15, 2015 In the preferred U.S. narratives, American leaders are always wise and rational but must deal with pigheaded and crazy adversaries....View Details»

The strange world of computer-generated novels | The Verge... 25/11/2014 Arts
Welcome to National Novel Generation Month, where the algorithm is the author By Josh Dzieza on November 25, 2014 It’s November and aspiring writers ...View Details»

Reagan-Bush Ties to Iran-Hostage Crisis ... 11/04/2014 History
Exclusive: The Senate wants to block Iran’s new UN ambassador because he was linked to the Iran hostage crisis 35 years ago, but that standard would s...View Details»

Will Iran choose China or North Korea model? - Times Union... 06/10/2013 News
For anyone who enjoys a good metaphor, Iranian President Hasan Rouhani's visit to the United Nations has been a field day for sheep and wolves. Rouhan...View Details»

» Tsarnaev Narrative Change: Instead of a Radical Muslim, Tamerlan a R... 08/08/2013 News
In now familiar echo chamber fashion, the establishment media today is hyping a story about Tamerlan Tsarnaev posted by the Wall Street Journal. Hidde...View Details»