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1721 Tabriz earthquake... 26/04/1721 History
(Scientific Information Database) - Tabriz is situated in an active tectonic region of Azerbaijan, a sub province of Central Iran seismic province and...View Details»

Tatcher And Reagan Visit Tehran... 26/04/1978 History
Ronald Reagan arrived in Tehran two days before Margaret Thatcher. They both met with Mohammad Reza Shah, prime minister Jamshid Amouzegar, and other ...View Details»

The Persian plate ... 26/04/2014 Cuisine
Iranian Cuisine: Persian food is simple, fresh and delicious, says Iranian-born Sabrina Ghayour, who specialises in adapting Middle Eastern recipes fo...View Details»

Five Ways the Myth That Iran Was Developing Nuclear Weapons Was Hyped ... 26/04/2014 Politics
by Russ Wellen, April 26, 2014 More and more men and women are either born with a talent for, or are developing skill in, technical matters, especial...View Details»

Iran marks failed US attack in Tabas Desert ... 26/04/2014 Military
TEHRAN, April 25 (MNA) – Iran has marked anniversary of a failed attack by US to Tabas Desert of central Iran. On April 25, 1980 US launched an opera...View Details»

Iran, home to inverted tulips ... 26/04/2014 Nature
TEHRAN, April 23 (MNA) – Iran is the birth place of world’s origin of inverted tulips known in Farsi as “Laleh Vajgoon”. During the month of Ordibehe...View Details»

Iran wins Asia Paralympics volleyball title ... 26/04/2014 Sports
MASHHAD, April 26 (MNA) – Iran’s men Paralympics volleyball team has won Asian championship title on Friday. Iran’s men Paralympics volleyball team r...View Details»

Iran crowned Asian 2014 Free-Style Wrestling Championship ... 26/04/2014 Sports
ASTANA, April 25 (MNA) – Iran’s national freestyle wrestling team has won six gold medals in Asian 2014 Free-Style Wrestling Championship in Astana, K...View Details»

Opinion: Afghanistan needs both Iran and the US ... 26/04/2014 Politics
by: Camelia Entekhabi-Fard, 26 Apr, 2014 Kabul—The Independent Electoral Commission of Afghanistan is set to announce the results of its recent presi...View Details»

The Year of Iran: Tehran’s Challenge to American Hegemony in 2014 ... 26/04/2014 Politics
Islam Times - Hassan Rohani’s election as Iran’s president seven months ago caught most of the West’s self-appointed Iran “experts” by (largely self-g...View Details»