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Bahram 5. Proclaims King... 18/11/420 History
Bahram 5th also known as Bahram Goor proclaimed kingdom nine days after his father Yazdgerd was accidentally killed by a horse-kick. Bahram V was the ...View Details»

Kennedy Showed How to Contain Iran - Bloomberg... 18/11/2013 Politics
By Kenneth M. Pollack Nov 17, 2013 7:30 PM GMT+0330 It may seem like a stretch, but the Cold War crises that President John F. Kennedy faced hold imp...View Details»

NYMEX-US crude dips with Iran talks in focus| Reuters... 18/11/2013 Economy
Nov 18 (Reuters) - U.S. crude oil futures slipped in early Asian trading on Monday after a U.S. official said that an agreement to curb Iran's nuclear...View Details»

Analysts Clash Over US-Iran Rapprochement - Nicole Bailey... 18/11/2013 Politics
Nicole Bailey | Nov 17, 2013 In Washington DC, panelists at the Middle East Institute’s annual conference clashed on the topic of a US-Iran rapproche...View Details»

Iranian researcher designs needle-free injection system... 18/11/2013 Health
An Iranian researcher designed a needle-free injection system which does not cause any pain for the patients and does not transfer contagious and infe...View Details»

Iran presents largest home-made drone "Fotros" - AzerNews... 18/11/2013 Military
Iran held presentation of its largest yet home-made unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), titled "Fotros", IRNA news agency reported on November 18. Irani...View Details»

Why Did We Decide To Travel to Iran? - Goats On The Road... 18/11/2013 Fun
Posted by Nick Wharton Dariece Swift on November 18, 2013 When people from the west think of Iran, images of Taliban waving guns in the air, building...View Details»

Putin calls Iran's leader, sees chance to end nuclear row - Yahoo News... 18/11/2013 Politics
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin told Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Monday there was a "real chance" to resolve the internati...View Details»

A Neuroscientist's Radical Theory of How Networks Become Conscious - W... 18/11/2013 Science
BY BRANDON KEIM11.14.136:30 AM 'What is the simplest explanation? That consciousness extends to all these creatures....' It’s a question that’s perp...View Details»

'Conference of the Birds' is a Persian poem adopted for the stage | Br... 18/11/2014 Fun
The performance by the Brandeis Theater Company and directed by Hafiz Karmali runs from Nov. 20 to 23 By Jarret BencksNov. 17, 2014 For Hafiz Karmali,...View Details»