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Persians Enter Europe... 13/07/513BC History
The Iranian army headed by General Bogoas defeated the Getae confederation forces south of Danube river. This victory that added the east Balkan to th...View Details»

Execution Of 14 Iranian Officers By The British... 13/07/1918 History
Only four months to the end of the World War I, the British army executed 14 Iranian officers for no reason. Iran had declared neutrality before the w...View Details»

US Warns Russia Against Giving Snowden Asylum -- News from Antiwar.... 13/07/2013 News
President Obama also stepped up the rhetoric in a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, reiterating US demands that Russia immedia...View Details»

US Officials: Israel Behind Recent Syria Attack -- News from Antiwa... 13/07/2013 News
Last Friday, a series of explosions tore through a coastal base in the Syrian port city of Latakia, destroying a cache of anti-ship missiles acquired ...View Details»

Sister: American held in Iran gets books, exercise - Yahoo! News... 13/07/2013 News
DETROIT (AP) — An ex-Marine held in Iran for nearly two years is faring much better these days — meeting with family members, exercising and being giv...View Details»

Iran War Weekly | July 8, 2013 « Blog... 13/07/2013 News
The few reporters and writers who remained at their posts over this sweltering July 4th weekend have been focused primarily on the events in Egypt, an...View Details»

Part Two: Shane Bauer: "Solitary in Iran Nearly Broke Me. Then I Went ... 13/07/2013 News
In his first live television interview since his release from Iranian prison, journalist Shane Bauer shines the light on solitary confinement inside t...View Details»

Edward Snowden on Why He Stood Up to the NSA: Mass Spying "Not Somethi... 13/07/2013 News
In a newly released interviewed conducted just before he came forward early last month, Edward Snowden explains why he has devoted his life to expose ...View Details»

Artwork : Ahmad Nadalian ... 13/07/2014 Arts
Ahmad Nadalian Ahmad Nadalian who is internationally known for his environmental art projects. His works draw upon a wide range of symbols from ancie...View Details»

Bursaspor Defeats Esteghlal in Friendly ... 13/07/2014 Sports
TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Turkish football club Bursaspor defeated Esteghlal of Iran 2-0 in a friendly on Friday. In the match held at a camp in Kartepe, Fern...View Details»