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The City Of Argan Built... 12/12/525 History
Upon completion of the city built by the order of Ghobad I between Estakhr and Susa, a meeting among noblemen took place in the palace in Tisfun to de...View Details»

Roma Defeats Persia At Neynava... 12/12/627 History
The battle fought in Nineveh was the peak of a series of battles that had started in 622 by the Roman Empire to push back Iranians to their original b...View Details»

The Qajar Dynasty Overthrown... 12/12/1925 History
Reza Khan had seized power on Oct, 26, 1923 and Ahmad Shah, the last Qajar king was forced to exile. On Oct, 31, 1925 Tadayyon, the vice president of ...View Details»

Azerbaijan Separatists Busted... 12/12/1946 History
After Iran had to accept the infamous Golestan and Turkmenchai agreements with Russia that took away the Kafkas area, Russians named the area on north...View Details»

Tinge of Persian flavour, without the magic carpet! ... 12/12/2013 Cuisine
By Express Features - CHENNAI The minute somebody mentions Persian food, the first thought that comes to mind is succulent, steaming kebabs. That’s ...View Details»

RHEL 7 beta out, drops MySQL for MariaDB | Muktware... 12/12/2013 Science
SWAPNIL BHARTIYA on 12 December, 2013 Red Hat has announced the release of RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) 7 beta for testing purposes. This is the be...View Details»

Who’s Biggest? The 100 Most Significant Figures in History | 12/12/2013 People
By Steven Skiena and Charles B. Ward Dec. 10, 2013 A data-driven ranking. Plus, have former TIME People of the Year been predictive? Who’s bigger: W...View Details»

Can Pianist Yanni Surmount Sanctions to Bring U.S.-Iran Harmony? - Blo... 12/12/2014 Culture
By Indira A.R. Lakshmanan Dec 12, 2014 Can the pianist Yanni do what negotiations between U.S. and Iranian diplomats have failed to accomplish: bring ...View Details»

Egypt: Crude Coffin Artwork Contains Clues to Persian Conquest... 12/12/2014 History
Posted By: Adam Steedman Thake An ancient Egyptian coffin decorated with crude, amateurish drawings has been revealed. The coffin holds important clue...View Details»

Commerzbank near $1 billion settlement on Iran sanctions: source - The... 12/12/2014 Economy
By AFP | 12 Dec, 2014 NEW YORK: Commerzbank has reached a preliminary agreement with US authorities to pay more than $1 billion for violating sanction...View Details»