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Assassination of Prime Minister Abdolhossein Hazhir ... 04/11/1949 History

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Abdolhosein Hazhir (1899 – 5 November 1949) was a Prime Minister of Iran.

He served as Minister ten times, and eventually as Prime Minister.
He was born in Tehran, 1901. He went to Mozaffari elementary school and studied for a while in Darol Fonun. Then he attended the school of Political Sciences and got his diploma in 1919 from the same school. He learned French, Russian and English; and entered the service of ministry of foreign affairs in 1920 and as a translator was engaged in the translation department. Recommended by the British, he was transferred to the ministry of roads and became inspector. In Seyyed Hassan Taghizadeh cabinet, he was transferred from ministry of road to the ministry of finance. Following some other appointments he became the general manager of the ministry. He was the governmental inspector in the Bank Melli for a while. Eventually, he was appointed as a minister in Qavam, Hakimi, and Saaed’s cabinets through helps from Miss Lambton, the British embassy’s chief of intelligence who aimed at the establishment of 1933 south oil contract with the British for half a century.
He issued the certificate of the settlement of accounts of Anglo Iranian Oil Company. Thus he was charged with siding with the British in Iran. In May 1948, when Hakimi’s cabinet, only 157 in power was on the verge of the downfall, he was appointed prime minister. Iranians led by Ayatollah Kashani who knew well about Hazhir’ character protested against his appointment in the mosque of Shah and Bazaar, shouting slogans against Hazhir. A declaration was issued by the Ayatollah. The movement was continued in the following days headed by Navvab Safavi and led to the clashes between the people and the Police. However, he was appointed prime minister by 88 votes out of 96.

When serving as Minister of Royal Court (darbar), he was assassinated at the age of 50 by Sayyed Hosein Emami Esfahani, who was a member of Navab Safavi's militant organization in November 1949. The group was called Fadaiyin Islam.

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