Gahar Lake hosts 70,000 visitors annually

Gahar Lake hosts 70,000 visitors annually ... 17/05/2014 Fun

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Gahar Lake in Lorestan Province annually hosts 70,000 visitors, said the deputy head of Lorestan Governor General’s Office. According to Iran Daily, Majid Kianpour added that Lorestan Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department is in charge of organizing and launching accommodation, economic and recreational sites in Gahar Tourism Zone.

“The police should ensure the region’s security and several lifeguards should patrol Gahar Lake,” he said.
Gahar Lake is located in Oshtorankouh Protected Zone that has a unique tourism infrastructure.
Officials plan to establish facilities such as hygiene, rescue and relief, lighting, phone and public lavatories in the region.
The lake, which is well known as “Gem of Oshtorankouh”, is considered one of the natural lakes of Iran. It is situated at a height of 2,360 meters from the sea level.
Gahar vegetation includes trees such as oak, almond, wild pistachio, wild apricot, cedar, walnut, fig, ash, apple and elm. It is home to flowers such as inverted tulip, poppy, white lily, cannas and pilewort.
The Oshtorankouh zone is a habitat of wildlife species such as ram, ewe, goat, leopard, wolf, boar, brown bear, hyena, fox, jackal and rabbit, and birds such as eagle, partridge and yellow partridge. It is home to aquatics such as turtle, frog and red-spotted trout.

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