Negareh: Safavid Sheikh Safi Wedding Zahed Daughter.jpg

Negareh: Safavid Sheikh Safi Wedding Zahed Daughter.jpg... 01/01/2012 Media, #Dynasty, #Fatemeh, #Negareh, #Safavian, #Safavian_Dynasty, #Safavid, #Safavid_Dynasty, #Safi, #Sheikh, #Sheikh_Safi, #Sheikh_Zahed_Gilani, #Zahed_Gilani

A painting shows Sheikh Safi's Wedding with Sheikh Zahed Gilani's Daughter Bibi Fatemeh. Sheikh Safi was the founder of the Safavid Dynasty -Keywords: Safavid , Sheikh Safi , Wedding , Sheikh Zahed Gilani , Daughter , Safavian Dynasty...

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