Quake Destroys Qir

Quake Destroys Qir...
1host2u.ir 10/04/1972 History

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Quake hit the historical city of Qir in the Fars Province in Iran and 58 villages were destroyed and more than 5,000 of their inhabitants were killed. The massive earthquake happened on Apr, 10, 1972. The strong 6.8 Quake, on the Richter scale came at 5:38 in the morning and caught residents of mud-brick houses by surprise. In addition, 2,000 people were seriously injured and 20,000 left homeless. The tremor was Iran's worst since 1968, when nearly 12,000 perished in the northeastern province of Khorasan.
Prime Minister Amirabbas Hoveida supervised rescue operations. Within four hours of the disaster, Iran's Red Lion and Sun, was administering to the injured. Iran Air Force C-130s and helicopters were soon carrying food, medicine, blankets and tents to the site. Even as soldiers and volunteers carried on the grim process burying the dead, the disaster was becoming fixed as a terrible memory for the people of the valley....

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