Kayhan Newspaper Founded

Kayhan Newspaper Founded...
1host2u.ir 10/03/1942 History

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On March, 10, 1942, the Ministry of Culture issued a permit for publication of Kayhan Newspaper, a daily owned by Abdorrahman Faramarzi, and Mostafa Mesbahzadeh as editor-in-chief. Before that, the two rented and published another paper called Ayandeh Iran as it was difficult to obtain a newspaper permit. With help from high ranking officials, their permit was issued.
Mohammad Reza Shah secretly gave a check of considerable amount to Mesbahzadeh in order to found the Kayhan Newspaper, therefore Kayhan’s mission was clearly defending the Pahlavi court from the beginning.
Soon after, Lotfollah Hay and Samad Rezvan bought very expensive advertising spaces on the front page and paid in advance. This payment made it possible for Mesbahzadeh to import a rotary printing machine which he named Nazanin after his daughter.
Kayhan published about one million copies per day in Iran and London before the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Kayhan remains a conservative paper and has survived in circulation as one of oldest newspapers in Iran.
This article is partially based on The Half Undercover from Kayhan Newspaper Publications. />

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