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The Infamous D'Arcy Agreement Signed... 28/05/1901 History, #Aminoddoleh, #Azerbaijan, #British, #D'Arcy_Agreement, #Daghestan, #Georgia, #Gore_Ouseley, #Gorgan, #Guilan, #Gulistan, #Iran, #Khorasan, #Mazandaran, #Mosaddegh, #Moshiroddoleh, #Mozaffaroddin_Shah, #Persia, #Reza_Shah, #Russia, #Russian, #Shah, #Transcaucasia, #Turkmenchai, #William_Knox_D'Arcy

Mozaffaroddin Shah, Aminoddoleh and Moshiroddoleh were three genius Iranians who signed the famous D'Arcy agreement that recognized exclusive drilling, production and sales rights to William Knox D'Arcy for a period of 60 years. In return, Shah received £10,000. This agreement covered an area of 1,245,000 square kilometers and it included all of Iran except the provinces of Azerbaijan, Guilan, Mazandaran, Gorgan, and Khorasan. It was later discovered that the priest mediating the deal was a priest who in fact was a British spy.
More amazingly, the British had played the mediator during infamous Gulistan and Turkmenchai agreements that gave away Transcaucasia to Russia. The treaty confirmed the inclusion of modern day Azerbaijan, Daghestan and Eastern Georgia into the Russian Empire on Oct, 24, 1813. For his services, Sir Gore Ouseley, the British ambassador to Persia was awarded a medallion of honor by Russians.
In 1932 Reza Shah ordered cancellation of the treaty but Iran did not have the necessary political power and the agreement was extended in 1933. Escorted by the British, Reza Shah was sent to exile in 1941. Finally, in 1951 Mosaddegh leaded the nationalization of oil movement and Iranians took control of the oil industry, at least for some time....

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