Foundation Of Caspian City

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The city of Caspian (Qazvin) was built in 3 years following an order from Shapour I in Nov, 3, 245. Shapour I built many great cities naming them after himself such as Neishabour but respecting the Caspian people that lived in this region named it Caspian. Ironically the Caspian sea is called Khazar which were a tribe once living in northern parts of the Caspian sea also known as Mazandaran sea.
Qazvin flourished under Muslim rule in the 7th century. Chengiz Khan laid waste to the city, but it later revived and was made the capital of Persia (1548-98) under the Safavid dynasty.
In the late 18th century Qazvin became a base for foreign trade with areas of the Caspian Sea, Persian Gulf, and Anatolia. A coup was launched from Qazvin in 1921 that led to Iran's consolidation under Reza Shah Pahlavi....

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