"Bankers Caught on Tape, Joking About Bailout- [Picked The Bailout Number] "Out My Ass" - | Intellihub.com

"Bankers Caught on Tape, Joking About Bailout- [Picked The Bailout Number] "Out My Ass" - | Intellihub.com...
intellihub.com 12/07/2013 News

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Finally, a very embarrassing leaked conversation reveals perhaps the true mind and personality characteristics of a banker. Pulling money “out of ass”‘s , getting money for nothing. Be it fractional reserve banking, charging interest on money that doesn’t exist, or bailouts, these bankers surely all laugh at the ease at which they get free money. While these bankers laugh, homes are foreclosed upon, people starve and die all over the world, and poverty penetrates the core of humanity. Meanwhile, bankers pull “money out [their] ass”.

The clip where the bankers say these selfish things can be listened to below. If you want someone else to finally understand the deceptive nature of the establishment and the fractional reserve banking / bailout / banking cartel paradigm, don’t forget to share this article with someone who doesn’t fully understand this reality. Caught on tape, executives at the Anglo-Irish bank were joking about how they convinced lawmakers to pay the bank with figures he "picked out of his arse", with no plans to pay them back....

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