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America's Monopolized Media - Part 1 - | 12/07/2013 News

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This is the story of how the paradigm was created-including these media giant’s ties to the White House.

Have you ever wondered why people are so clueless about some things, or why general intelligence and the tendency for people to have extra skills declined so much? Have you ever thought that the media reflects how the people are already, or do you think that the media actually influences and determines how the media consumers act?

Well for the most part, the media that people consume in fact defines the paradigm and reality for them, and that reality in the media was created by the people who monopolized the media. If you consume this media, then your worldview, your paradigm, how you believe others act, was greatly influenced, and created by these 6 giant media companies. This is the story of the 6 media giants, who together, have monopolized American media. They own all US corporate news , newspapers, make most movies, own most tv channels, and has hugely influenced the culture of America, leading to mass ignorance and consent for wars and laws that do not benefit the people....

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