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Iran: Female Bodyguards for Foreign Diplomatic Guests ... 10/01/2017 Military, FNA, Iran, Iranian

TEHRAN (FNA)- Commander of Iran's Law Enforcement Police's Unit for the Protection of VIPs Brigadier General Hedayat Alborzi announced the start of bodyguard career for women to protect foreign female guests visiting the country.
"At present, we have some mechanisms to use female bodyguards in missions of the Unit for the Protection of VIPs," General Alborzi said on Tuesday.
"Of course, the female bodyguards who have been trained will mostly take part in missions to protect the foreign female guests at international meetings so that they can easily carry out their protection responsibilities beside those figures," he added.
Asked if the female bodyguards are used for female Iranian officials too, General Alborzi said that the police unit is prepared to provide them with female bodyguards at their demand.
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