VP: $20bln Trade in Iran's Electronics Market

VP: $20bln Trade in Iran's Electronics Market ...
en.farsnews.com 17/05/2016 Economy

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TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Vice-President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari announced that $20bln worth of electronic goods are traded every year in the country.
"$20bln worth of electronic goods are traded in Iran's electronics market at present and the Iranians are now in possession of 50 million smart phones now," Sattari said, addressing a forum in Tehran on Monday.
He also predicted that the Iranian electronics trade market would witness a jump to $80bln of interactions in the next two years.
Iranians have been frantically buying smartphones, tablets and flat screen TVs in recent years.
Many regional and world analysts describe Iran as one of the most promising economies of the 21st century – and perhaps the next China, a lion ready to awake.
The Iranian officials announced in 2015 that over 20 million of Iran's 78 million people are smart phone users.
Considering the fact that Iran's mobile network's penetration rate is almost 100 percent, mobile phones are the most pervasive media in Iran, they added.
The officials have predicted that the number of the smart phone users in Iran would reach 40 million in 2016.
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