New Product! Carpet Mouse Pad Bidjar Design

New Product! Carpet Mouse Pad Bidjar Design ... 16/11/2015 Commercial

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New Product! Bidjar of Kurdistan Carpet Mouse Pads
Bijar (or Bidjar) Kurdish rugs are often called the Iron Rugs of Iran. The Bijar carpet is a heavy, durable rug that has been very popular in the United States. Now the Bijar rug tends to be a finer, thinner and more Sarouk-like rug, that's the reason for us to introduce Bidjar Carpet Mouse Pads in our Persian Carpet Mouse Rug Collection. Most Bijar carpets are woven by Kurdish Gerrus in the Bijar area while a finer copy of Bijar carpets are woven by Afshar weavers who live in the Tekab and Tekkenteppe Area in Gerus.
The Bidjar carpets can be put into the following three main categories:Traditional Bidjars, f.i. Bidjars with rose motifs, Halvai and Tahjavi-Bidjars and Afshar Bidjars.
Antique Bidjar Rugs: Bidjar is a town in Persian Kurdistan located in north-west Iran. The Bidjar name is also used to describe the antique rugs that were produced in the many villages in the surrounding vicinity. The Bidjar is noted as being the stiffest carpet made; they are very heavy in relation to their size, and very thick and durable. All of the knots are symmetrical and the rows are beaten down during the weaving process producing a dense compact fabric. Given their thickness and construction Bidjar rugs can be difficult to fold. The many designs depict the Kurdish influence of the area and often floral and classical geometric motifs are employed as well as the use of large, whimsical medallion designs. The colour palate is rich and jewel toned making the Bidjar a highly desirable rug sought after by designers.
Bidjar rugs, produced in Northwest Iran are among the finest of Persian rugs by virtue of their design and technique. They cannot be identified readily by their patterns, for their repertoire is quite rich and varied. They are distinguished by primarily by their weave, which is perhaps the densest and most durable of all oriental rugs. Bijar carpets were produced in a classical medallion format as well as in all-over designs and pictorial or garden patterns. The quality of their wool is lustrous and soft, the drawing at times classically precise or wildly tribal. Some are attributable to Kurdish weavers living in the Bijar region.
Bijar rugs (the 'Iron Carpet of Iran') are mainly woven by Kurds in Gerus and Afsha areas of Iran. These rugs are unique in that they use two wefts making the carpet extremely heavy, stiff and durable. A thicker weft is beaten down tightly between rows of knots alongside a thinner weft in order to make the pile compact, so thick and dense that it stands vertically, preventing it from lying down. Bijar rugs are exceptionally tough, however, they should not be folded for transportation (they should be rolled) to prevent the tight foundation from cracking.
Foundation can be made of cotton, wool or camel wool depending on the age of the rug. The pile is invariably made of wool, clipped to a medium height. Patterns vary and are indistinguishable to other rugs however Herati and Mina-Khani designs are popular. Colours also vary with navy, cherry red, brown, light blue, pink, yellow, ochre, orange, beige and ivory all being used. The method of identifying a Bijar is by its weight and tight structure, unique to other rugs. Sizes vary enormously; it is possible to find both very small rugs and those much larger in size. Their popularity, strength, durability and the fact that so much work and material is put into their creation means that Bijar rugs are some of the best, and most expensive rugs on the market.
Thus the name Bidjar denotes the meaning of durability to many carpet specialists. The weavers use their heavy comb, made of metal and wood, to beat the weft and the knots, so that the pile almost never folds. The surface of the pile therefore, becomes very compact, which prevents gravel and other small particles to penetrate the carpet. The carpets are made with Turkish knots and are generally red and blue with beige elements.

The most common pattern is the Herati (also called fish pattern), but also medallions and floral motifs occur. Bidjar carpets are manufactured in most sizes, from zaronim (150x100 cm) and larger sizes. They have a sober elegance and fit in most environments. Their durability makes the carpets very suitable for public environments.
Bidjar Carpet Mouse Pad
Carpet Mouse Pad Kurdish Bidjar Design THE #1 PRODUCER OF CARPET MOUSE PADS IN IRAN
Available in 50+ Beautiful Miniature Carpet designs
Ancient weaving technique dating back to 2500 years
Size: 20 x 30 cm (7.8" x 11.8")
Non-slip white or black foam Mousepad
Custom design accepted (Orders for Company logos, Phone, Address, Promotional artwork and new models are accepted)
Our Carpet Mouse-Pads are Washable with soap & water
Please contact us for wholesale prices, custom production, representation & distribution inquiries.
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