How to Make Fabric Roller Shade

How to Make Fabric Roller Shade... 01/02/2015 DIY

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How to Make Fabric Roller Shades yourself! Please read through the entire post as there are some tips on selecting the best kinds of fabrics to use with this DIY project.
Here is what you’ll need to make a fabric roller shade: {no sew!}
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1 plastic roller shade (measure your window & get one cut to size at Home Depot)
roller shade brackets
fabric of your choice – see tips on selecting the right kind of fabric
iron on craft fuse (I used Pellon 808 Craft Fuse)
staple gun or Fabri-tac fabric glue
Before you go shopping for your supplies, there are a few things you need. Most importantly is the measurements.
Decide if you are going to hang these inside the window frame or outside, then measure the length & width.

time to shop
*When shopping for a roller shade, know that you are going to cut the plastic shade off and it won’t be used. You will probably need it to be cut down to your window width (length won’t matter). They will cut it for you in the store.
*When shopping for fabric take note of a couple things. The heavier or thicker your fabric is, the more difficult it will be for it to roll up at the top when you want the shade up. Some upholstery type fabrics won’t work at all. Also keep in mind that you will be ironing on a fusible backing and that will add to the thickness. Printed cottons usually work really well. I used a printed cotton twill fabric from Joann’s.
time to cut
Once you’ve purchased your fabric & fusible backing, you can cut it to the size you need. It’s always a good idea to iron you fabric before cutting!
time to iron
Iron in 1/2″ seams down the length of both sides of your fabric and 1″ on the bottom.
Lay your fabric face side down on the ironing board, place the fusible backing on top of it, with the shiny side down pressed to the fabric. Get this lined up so that the fusible backing is overlapping the seams. (no sewing needed!)
When your iron is hot, go ahead and start fusing it to the fabric. This takes a bit of time and patience. Go slow and be careful not to get any wrinkles in the face fabric.
time to assemble
First unwind the shade you bought and cut the plastic off of the cardboard tube. Now find a work table that you can lay your fabric out on and using a staple gun or Fabri-tac glue attach your fabric to the cardboard. Take care to lay the fabric side against the cardboard roller. Now roll it up {rolling the tube under the fabric as shown in the picture will prevent the white backing from showing at the top. Hang your brackets and install your custom made-DIY-no sew fabric roller shade. That’s it!
Here are a few photos I took along the way …

So easy to make a clean and simple window treatment. These are hung in my bathroom. We almost never open them so they don’t have to take a lot of abuse. You might notice on mine that I did sew the bottom seam in – I forgot to iron that seam in before fusing the backing. But it also creates a pocket to slide the wooden strips in that come with your shade. Hope you’ve enjoyed this roller shade tutorial … Now get to makin!

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