Travel The Unknown: Women Travelling in Iran - Personal Experience from Chasing The Unexpected

Travel The Unknown: Women Travelling in Iran - Personal Experience from Chasing The Unexpected... 13/06/2014 Culture

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Recently I’ve come across a rather misleading article published on Hostel Bookers website, where the writer, clearly one who has never been to Iran, speaks of the west Asian country in these terms:
“One shock most women will find is that in countries like Iran, women don’t go anywhere alone, and are never seen alone in public, only out with their families or in groups of other women.”
While this is not the only inaccurate, if not downright false, information, it’s what most captured my attention.
If you have been following my blog, you know by now that I’ve just come back from a two-week trip to Iran myself, journey I embarked on with a friend of mine, an Iranian woman whose family had no problems in letting her travel around the country alone with another woman. In every city I saw women alone, in groups of women only or with other men, either family or friends, students or professionals, relaxing in parks, shopping, going to work or school, and busy pretty much in all routine activities you can think of.
In the span of two weeks we have visited many cities, and most trips involved buses and trains, both day and night ones. Obviously we were not the only women traveling, in fact, we met and chatted with many women traveling solo on night trains and buses because not only this is a very common practice in Iran, but it’s also very safe. This trend of giving a bad image to Iran without any kind of knowledge is becoming truly boring and tiresome, as well as old and too much of a cliché.

Read more about Angela's experience as a woman travelling in Iran at Chasing The Unexpected. /
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