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Russians Defeated At Sultanabad... 13/02/1812 History, #Abbas_Mirza, #Aras, #Aras_River, #Aslandooz, #British, #Caucasia, #French, #Iranian, #Mirza, #Nakhjevan, #Napoleon, #Russia, #Sultanabad, #Tabriz

Receiving the news of Napoleon's invasion of Russia in the spring, Iranian troops moved from Tabriz to Nakhjevan and on February 13, 1812 Persians under Abbas Mirza routed Russians at Sultanabad near the Aras River. With new found confidence in their modern infantry, trained by British and French officers, and European cannons from the French and a Lieutenant Henry Lindsay, Iranians assaulted the expansionist Russians to take back Caucasia.
Iranians, under their gallant leader Abbas Mirza fought the Russians under Pyotr Kotlyarevsky. The Persians won the battle by moving faster than the Russians and attacking them near their camp. This victory however did not last long because Russians received reinforcement and won the Battle of Aslandooz on Oct, 31st....

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