Ahvaz Sugar Factory Inaugurated

Ahvaz Sugar Factory Inaugurated...
1host2u.ir 06/03/1960 History

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Iranians decided to built a sugar processing factory in Ahvaz in late 1930s which was opposed by the British government. Although initial studies had been made and Iranians received a suitable offer from the Skoda factory, the British saw it as a threat to their interests. When the WWII broke out all plans were put in shelf.
After 17 years, in September, 1959, a plan was made for a factory to be built by 1962. Construction was completed two years before what it was planned and the Ahvaz sugar factory was operational by March, 6, 1960 producing 3,000 tons of sugar per day. The factory's production capacity was increased in 10 years and the factory was able to process sugar canes and produce 4,166 tons of white sugar per year by 1973....

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