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Mourning In New Lunar Years... 13/02/963 History, #Arab, #Ashura, #Baghdad, #Booyeh, #Deylami, #Imam, #Imam_Hossein, #Islam, #Karbala, #LH, #Moezzoddoleh, #Moharram, #Shiite

19 years after the fall of Baghdad, Ahmad Booyeh Deylami AKA Moezzoddoleh ordered mourning ceremonies during the first 10 days of Moharram , the first month in lunar year (352 LH). These ceremonies aimed to revive the memory of the Karbala event in which Imam Hossein and 72 of his followers were brutally massacred. The Ashura day has been an occasion for a festival of tears that unites the Shiites.
Iranians found themselves close to Shiite faith and created institutions supporting it. It took some centuries for Iranians to come up with a new identity based on Islam that could suit their own beliefs against systematic Pan-Arab assimilation. Iranians could then preserve their language and culture....

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