Qajar Massacre In Kerman

Qajar Massacre In Kerman... 17/06/1794 History, #Agha_Mohammad_Khan, #Bam, #Chengiz_Khan, #Iran, #Iranian, #Kerman, #Khan, #Macedonian_Alexander, #Mongol, #Qajar, #Teimur_Lang, #Zand

After a long siege, Kerman was captured by Agha Mohammad Khan's army. The city had given refugee to Fathali Khan, the last Zand ruler and resisted heroically despite famine resulting from the siege that started in December. Fathali Khan finally escaped to nearby Bam in hopes of minimizing civilian casualties, however after Agha Mohammad Khan of Qajar tribe took the city, he ordered his soldiers to punish the residents in a manner that was unprecedented in terms of brutality. Mohammad Khan who was of Mongol descent ordered taking out the eyes of 20,000 men and killed 4,000 people before razing the city to the ground.
The fact that Iran was ruled by the Qajar family until 1925 and that the Iranian state has since been under the control of their decedents, has made it impossible to investigate such a human tragedy that is somehow comparable to atrocities of Chengiz Khan, Teimur Lang, and Macedonian Alexander in Iran....

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