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Hystaspes Defeats Median Uprising... 11/07/521BC History, #Ahouramazda, #Dariush, #Hystaspes, #Parthia, #Persian, #Phraortes, #Rhagae

While Dariush was fighting Phraortes in Rhagae, his father Hystaspes was fighting Median rebels in Parthia but his forces were not enough. Then Dariush sent him a Persian army from Rhagae and as soon as the army arrives Hystaspes attacks the rebels and after two battles takes control back. Dariush in his notes expresses his satisfaction with his father who had killed 6,750 enemy soldiers and had captured 4,192 with a small army and without his father on Phraortes' tail Dariush could not have been very successful. Thinking about the organization and logistics needed for these battles, the Persian army did an extraordinary job. That must be the reason Dariush the great consistently mentions Ahouramazda's help....

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