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Team Iran Go For Gold ... 22/10/2017 Sports

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Navid Shams of Team Iran is looking forward to an exciting 2017 Table Tennis World Cadet Challenge which starts at the Vodafone Arena, Suva on Tuesday.
The 12-year-old who won the World Hope’s challenge earlier this month is excited to be in Fiji for the first time and aims to win gold for Iran.
“I feel good to be in this competition after winning the World Hope’s challenge and I’m excited to be in Fiji,” he said.
“The competition will be tough but I’m here to do my best and make my country proud.”
Shams is the lone representative from Iran who is accompanied by his dad and coach Omid Shams.
“My son has been preparing well for the competition and I want to wish him well, as this is also a good build-up for the world competition in Shanghai next year,” Omid added.
North America’s representative Nikhil Kumar is excited to be in Fiji for the first time to participate in the 2017 Table Tennis World Cadet challenge.
Kumar, 14, lives in California with his family and believes the competition will be very competitive.
“I’m looking forward to a great competition,” he said.
-Edited by Leone Cabenatabua.
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