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Hypermarket blast in Shiraz leaves 37 wounded ... 03/06/2017 News

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News ID: 3995087 - Sat 3 June 2017 - 10:08
TEHRAN, Jun. 03 (MNA) – An explosion at the parking lot of a hypermarket in Shiraz on early Sat. has left 37 people wounded, head of Iran's Center for Emergency Medical Services confirmed.
Pir Hossein Kolivand, head of Iran's Center for Emergency Medical Services (EMS), said the explosion occurred at 12:45 on Saturday morning at the parking lot of a hypermarket in Shiraz, which left 37 people injured. Kolivand maintained that most of the injured received outpatient treatment and 16 of the injured were transferred to hospitals. He added that their general condition is favorable.
The wave of the explosion has also caused damage to the whole building as well as a number of buildings nearby.
The cause of the explosion has not yet been determined and the case is under investigation. Meanwhile, CEO of Fire Department of Shiraz Municipality, Mohammad Farrokh Zadeh, told Mehr News correspondent that the cause of explosion and fire in the hypermarket was “negligence” and “lack of attention to safety measures”.
“Eight families were trapped in eight different sections which were all led to the top of the building with the aid of firefighters. They were then transferred back to the ground via a hoist and a 54-meter ladder,” Farrokh Zadeh explained.
He went on to add, “the cleaning process is currently underway and rescuers searching for survivors are done with their task.”
“The incident fortunately had no casualties and most of the wounded received outpatient treatment,” he said.
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