Drink alkaline water for a healthy body

Drink alkaline water for a healthy body ...
1host2u.com 09/04/2017 Green Life

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Scientists have undertaken a study in the city to understand the benefits of drinking Alkaline Water. On the occasion of World Water Day, a Hyderabad-based company has strongly pitched for consumption of alkaline water to keep various diseases at bay. “We need to ask ourselves if we are drinking the right water,” Forget your diet, even drinking water may have to be checked for its acidic or alkaline nature to assess its impact on one’s health. We need to understand that our body is basically alkaline and making it acidic with water will have adverse effects on health.
Most of the water that we drink is acidic in nature and there are no salts or minerals in it. Due to demineralization, there are a lot of side effects too. We need to understand that our body is basically alkaline and making it acidic with water will have adverse affect on health.

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