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New species of rose discovered ... 20/02/2017 Nature

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News ID: 3911840 - Sun 19 February 2017 - 22:07
SEMNAN, Feb. 19 (MNA) – Botanists in Plant Ecology Department of Damghan University have discovered a new species of rose.
The new species is endemic to rocky precipices of the no-hunting areas of Sarband Dibaj in north of Damghan. The new rose was named Damghan Beautiful Wood, out of respect for the eponymous city.
It grows up 2-4 centimeters in height and has downy carpels and rounded leaf; it is easily distinguished from surrounding plants. Reza Naderi Alamdardehi, lecturer in Biology Department of Damghan University told reporters that mountains of Dibaj and Mejan were highly diverse in plant species and that larger part of the species had not received strict examinations; “a study in the past examined 300 plant species, of which 44 species had medicinal properties in Sarband; other new and undiscovered species are expected to live in the region which will be examined,” he added.
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