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India Building Railway Link in Iran ... 28/04/2016 Economy

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TEHRAN (FNA)- Indian Ambassador to Tehran Saurabh Kumar said Indian firms are building the Chabahar-Zahedan railway link, adding that they are also in talks to begin the second phase which will extend the project to Birjand and Mashhad.
Speaking to FNA in Birjand on Wednesday, Ambassador Kumar said the first phase of the railway construction is currently underway, adding that the second phase is still under discussion.
New Delhi gives special importance to its deep-seated relations with Iran. The two sides will soon finalize a deal to set up a transit corridor between the strategically located Chabahar Port (which Delhi is helping to expand) with Afghanistan (the International North-South Transport),” he added.
The remarks came after Afghanistan’s Deputy Foreign Minister Hekmat Karzai said Tehran, Kabul, and New Delhi are going to finalize the deal on the development of Iran’s Chabahar port very soon.
Speaking to reporters at the Heart of Asia Conference in New Delhi on Wednesday, Karzai said the joint project is an important step towards promoting trade and investment ties among the three countries.
Meantime, Board Member of Chabahar Free Trade Zone Abdol Rahim Kordi said China is getting ready to build an industrial town in Chabahar.
Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Rahim Kordi said a delegation of Cockerill Maintenance and Ingénierie visited the port city of Chabahar to launch the Chinese industrial town.
According to the Iranian official, the industrial town will have 20 industrial units among others.
Chabahar is a free port on the coast of the Gulf of Oman. It is situated on the Makran Coast of the Sistan and Baluchestan province and is officially designated as a free trade and industrial zone by the Iranian government.
Due to its free trade zone status, the city has increased in significance in international trade.
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