Happy Shahrivargan; Celebrating ancient Iranian festivity of kindness Iranian Culturebase : Time(Shahrivargan/)

Happy Shahrivargan; Celebrating ancient Iranian festivity of kindness Iranian Culturebase : Time(Shahrivargan/)...
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Shahrivargan, also celebrated as the ancient Persian Fathers’ Day is one of original Iranian Festivities. It is one of 12 monthly Iranian Feasts and part of Persian water festivals.
Shahrivargan historically coincides with the birthday of King Darab (Dariush) and Prophet Mani.
Besides the sixth month of the Persian solar year, the 4th day of each ancient month is called Shahrivar. Because of some justifications in the Iranian Official Calendar, Shahrivargan is mostly celebrated on the 30th day of the month of Mordad or August, 20th according to the Gregorian calendar. Some Iranians celebrate the occasion throughout Shahrivar with different ceremonies in different parts of the world. On Shahrivargan, a fire is made to make kebob, stew or other treats; just an occasion for family and friends to get together and spend quality time chanting and dancing.
Tanacetum balsamita, a plant in Persian known as Gol-e Nazboo, Reyhan Aroosan, or Shahspargham is the symbol flower of Shahrivargan. Nazboo is very similar to a popular vegetable named Reyhan in Iran.
According to the ancient Iranian theology, the Shahrevar or Khashtarvaryah is the angel of kindness, second Angel in rank after Bahman according to Zoroastrianism. The meaning of Khashtarvaryah is literally the desired country (a concept that was sometimes wrongly adapted by some faiths as the Promised Land). The Shahrivar angel is the symbol of the one and only God Ahouramazda (Ahura Mazda) power in heavens and on earth; it's the guardian of metals and weapons. On Shahrivargan, the legendary Kiani king Givmars (Kiomars) won the fight against Ahriman (Evil). But the victory isn't decisive and his children continue the fight. Since the body of Givmars was made of metals, after his death, 7 types of metals were created. Givmars, also known as Givmard is the name of the first human created by Ahouramazda, first person who thought and learned the way of Ahouramazda.
Shahrivargan is an occasion to help the poor and oppressed.
Editor’s note: Considering the fact that making a camp-fire the “tribal style” may have environmental hazards, it’s good thinking that using environment-friendly methods for celebrations is in accordance with the essence of the Iranian principals of “Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds” which is sometimes ignored and replaced with symbolism and idolism. Iranian Culturebase : Time(Shahrivargan/), Iran News, Complete Iranian History, Selection of comprehensive Glossary entries with Alphabetical index and Encyclopedic Reference...

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