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Age of Fatuityعصر بی‌شعوری2020-03-26 Time
Foreverهمیشه2019-10-03 Time
Persian Gulf National Dayروز ملی خلیج فارسی2016-04-30 Time
201620162016-01-01 Time
Weekهفته2015-12-30 Time
Hafteهفـته2015-12-17 Time
Implementation Dayروز اجرا2015-12-09 Time
Annualسالانه2015-11-01 Time
Epochمبدأ تاریخ2015-04-20 Time
1999-001999-002015-03-02 Time
193419342015-01-26 Time
Abadan Crisis timelineجدول زمانی بحران آبادان2015-01-26 Time
192719272015-01-26 Time
Day of Ashuraروز عاشورا2015-01-26 Time
Prussiaپروس2015-01-26 Time
Reichرایش2015-01-26 Time
188218822015-01-26 Time
Bactria–Margiana Archaeological Complexتمدن آمودریا2015-01-26 Time
Oxus civilizationتمدن آمودریا2015-01-26 Time
201520152015-01-26 Time