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Term Persian Date Section
Vice Presidentمعاون رئیس2016-09-28 Official
Venezuelan Presidentرئیس‌جمهور ونزوئلا2016-09-19 Official
President of Venezuelaرئيس جمهور ونزوئلا2016-08-28 Official
Minister of Defenceوزیر دفاع2016-08-22 Official
Customs Ministerوزیر گمرک2016-08-13 Official
High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policyرییس سیاست خارجی2016-08-12 Official
Foreign Policy Chiefرئیس سیاست خارجی2016-06-15 Official
President Parkپرزیدنت پارک2016-05-02 Official
Belgian Senatorسناتور بلژیکی2016-04-29 Official
Indian Ambassadorسفیر هند2016-04-29 Official
Police Chiefرئیس پلیس2016-04-29 Official
Swiss Ambassadorسفیر سوئیس2016-04-28 Official
Chahشاه2016-04-24 Official
Russian Ambassadorسفیر روسیه2016-04-14 Official
Minister of Roadsوزیر راه2016-04-14 Official
First Ladyبانوی اول2016-04-13 Official
Kazakh Presidentرئیس‌جمهور قزاقستان2016-04-12 Official
Italian PMنخست وزیر ایتالیا2016-04-12 Official