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July, 24, 1981 A.D.:
Rejayi Elected President

2nd presidential election: Of 71 nominees for the presidential race, only 4 were qualified. Of 22,687,017 Iranians eligible to vote 14,532,869 people participated in the election marking a %64.2 participation rate. Mr. Rajayi leaded the election with %87.87 of the votes and became the second preside... Read Full Article:

July, 24, 1987 A.D.:
Bridgeton Incident: US supertanker collides with mines laid by IRGC

The Bridgeton incident was the mining of the supertanker SS Bridgeton near Farsi Island in the Persian Gulf on July 24, 1987. The ship was sailing in the first convoy of Operation Earnest Will, the U.S. response to Kuwaiti requests to protect its tankers from attack amid the Iran–Iraq War. The exp... Read Full Article:

July, 24, 1998 A.D.:
Tehran Mayor Gets 5 Years Prison Term

An Iranian court convicted the Tehran Mayor on charges of corruption and mismanagement, sentenced him to five years in prison and barred him from public office until 2018. Trial of the Mayor, Gholamhossein Karabaschi, a close ally of President, Mohammad Khatami. was evaluated in Iran as politically ... Read Full Article:

July, 24, 2018 A.D.:
Judge Orders Return of Ancient Limestone Relief to Iran

By Tom Mashberg July 23, 2018 A New York Supreme Court judge on Monday ordered a Persian bas-relief dating to approximately 500 B.C. to be returned to Iran, the country from which authorities say it was stolen more than 80 years ago. *** A 1933 photograph of an excavation of the ruins of Persepo... Read Full Article:

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