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December, 1, 486 B.C.:
Xerxes Becomes The Successor Of Dariush

Dariush the great died in November 486 B.C at the age of 64. The last letter that was found indicating his reign was written on Nov, 17th. He was buried in Naghsh Rostam in a tomb that was prepared before his death in 493. Dariush had 12 sons and six daughters. But Xerxes, the oldest son of his firs... Read Full Article:

December, 1, 642 A.D.:
Reign of Gil Gilanshah and Dabuyid Dynasty

Gil Gavbara (Persian: گیل گیلانشاه‎), also known as Gavbarih (the Cow Devotee), was king and founder of the Dabuyid dynasty in 642, ruling until his death in 660. According to Ibn Isfandiyar, the Dabuyids were descended from Djamasp, a brother of the Sassanid shah Kavadh I. Gil Gavbar... Read Full Article:

December, 1, 1477 A.D.:
Qanun Of Medicine Published In Europe

Famous Persian scholar Avicenna completed Qanun of Medicine in 14 volumes in 1025 A.D. Despite being banned by Pope in 1215, Qanun became widely popular among European scientists. After a year in preparation, first Latin translation of Qanun which was the most reliable encyclopedia of medicine of th... Read Full Article:

December, 1, 1935 A.D.:
Reza Shah Dismisses Prime Minister

Mohammad Ali Foroughi was dismissed from duty by Reza Shah after allegations that he was misusing his authority in favor of relatives. Before becoming prime minister, Foroughi had served as minister of foreign affairs and later as minister in charge of economy. 6 years later Foroughi played a signif... Read Full Article:

December, 1, 1943 A.D.:
The Tehran Declaration 1943

In a meeting between Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin in Tehran between November 28 and December 1, 1943, the chief discussion centered on the opening of a second front in western Europe. Stalin agreed to an eastern offensive to coincide with the forthcoming Western front. Postwar occupation of Germ... Read Full Article:

December, 1, 1953 A.D.:
Iran became a member of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

FAO in Iran | FAO | Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Iran became a member of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on 1 December 1953. The Representation Office in the Islamic Republic of Iran was re-opened in May 1992 after the Islamic Revolution i... Read Full Article:

December, 1, 2005 A.D.:
Campaigns To Counter Anti-Iranianism

In the eyes of the corporate greed that dominates world economy today, profit is the only value that overrides all rules of morals and ethics, otherwise who would want a war and bloodshed other than a perverted soul? According to most U.S. polls, a majority of Americans oppose any war with Iran. Yet... Read Full Article:

December, 1, 2013 A.D.:
An Ancient City Is Discovered Underwater. What They Found Will Change History Forever

December 1, 2013 · By Sunny Skyz Photos: Christoph Gerigk ©Franck Goddio Hilti Foundation The city of Heracleion was engulfed underwater 1500 years ago. This grand city had been mentioned by the Greek writer Herodotus, the 5th-century BC historian. He had told a wonderful tale of Helen of Troy, ... Read Full Article:

December, 1, 2013 A.D.:
What archives? UK ordered destruction of ‘embarrassing’ colonial papers — RT News

Britain systematically destroyed documents in colonies that were about to gain independence, declassified Foreign Office files reveal. ‘Operation Legacy’ saw sensitive documents secretly burnt or dumped to cover up traces of British activities. The latest National Archives publication made from... Read Full Article:

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