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بخش فارسی، دانشگاه کراچی

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(Wikipedia) - Department of Persian is division in the Arts Area at University of Karachi, Pakistan, is one of the unique and oldest department in Pakistan. It was introduced to promote the Persian Language and Persian Literature in Pakistan. ( - Dr. Shehla Saleem Noori (Assoc. Prof.)The department of Persian was established in 1955 with a view to provide facilities for advanced studies and research in the fields of Persian language and literature with particular emphasis on the literature produced in the Indo-Pak subcontinent during the last nine centuries, and to familiarize the younger generation of this country with the history, language and literature of Iran. Professor Dr. Ghulam Sarwar was the founder Chairman of the department. Teaching and AssessmentTeaching at the department combines lectures, group discussions, quizzes and class presentations. Assessment is based on midterm, makeup and Terminal examinations. Dissertation is mandatory for Final year literature students. Career OpportunitiesStudents of this department continue to enter a variety of vocational fields, some of which are CSS, Advertising, Media, Banking, Business, Translation /Interpreting, Teaching, Educational Administration & Research, News agencies, Foreign Ministry etc.

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