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Ararat FC (Persian: آرارات تهران‎) is a football team based in Tehran, Iran. Ararat FC is the football club of the multisport Ararat Club in Iran.

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Club history EstablishmentArarat Tehran in 1946

The club was established in 1944 by a group of Armenian-Iranians. They named the club after the famous mountain of the same name. The club was run by an Armenian athletic organization and was one of few clubs in Iranian football to have its own private stadium and training facilities. The club has never had spectacular results, but has always provided talented players for Iranian football. It was heavily supported by the Armenian minority in Iran, but was also loved by many non-Armenian Iranians.

Drop to the lower leagues

The last time the club played in the top level of Iranian football was the 1995–96 season of the Azadegan League (current IPL). Due to the poor decisions of the club management, Ararat FC has spent most of the past few years playing in the 1st Division and 2nd Division of Iran''s football leagues. Until recently the club had a policy of only employing Armenian staff and players, but with the team''s poor form in the past few years, this decision has been overturned and non-Armenians have coached the team. The players though are all Armenian-Iranians. In the 2005-06 season the club came very close to promotion into the Azadegan League, but fell short in the last few weeks of the season.

In 2007–08 season they took the last place in their group and relegated to 3rd division but in July 2008, Iran Football Federation increased number of 2nd Division teams to 28 and Ararat still remained in 2nd Division.

A major changes heralded for Ararat in 2008, as the terrible state of the club''s finances was revealed, they were unable to pay wages and had major debts. The club''s owner, Armenian-Iranians, were able to raise some more money, but even this soon proved to be insufficient resources to sustain the club. They finished last in the 2nd Division (group A) standings of the 2008–09 season. Thus, being relegated to 3rd Division. After the club''s relegation, Arrarat was dissolved by it''s owners.


Arrarat was reopened on 9 October 2014 after a five years of absence. They also played a friendly match at the same day with Esteghlal XI which Arrarat won 7–0 which showed their return.


The table below chronicles the achievements of Ararat in various competitions since 1975.

Season Division League Position Hazfi Cup Notes
1975–76 1 Takht Jamshid Cup 12th
1976–77 1 Takht Jamshid Cup 12th Relegated
1977–78 2 2nd Division 3rd Not held
1978–79 2 2nd Division did not finish Not held
1979–80 1 Tehran Football League Not held Not held
1980–81 1 Tehran Football League Not held Not held
1981–82 1 Tehran Football League 7th
1982–83 1 Tehran Football League 12th
1983–84 1 Tehran Football League 6th
1984–85 1 Tehran Football League not finished
1985–86 1 Tehran Football League 10th Relegate
1986–87 2 Tehran Football''s 2nd Division 4th
1987–88 2 Tehran Football''s 2nd Division 5th
1988–89 2 Tehran Football''s 2nd Division 7th
1989–90 2 Tehran Football''s 2nd Division 2nd Promoted
1990–91 2 Tehran Football League 7th
1991–92 2 Tehran Football League 5th
1992–93 2 Tehran Football League 7th
1993–94 2 Tehran Football League 2nd Promoted
1994–95 1 Azadegan League 5th
1995–96 1 Azadegan League 14th Relegated
1997–98 2 2nd Division 7th
1998–99 2 2nd Division 6th
1999–2000 2 2nd Division 5th
2000–01 2 2nd Division 9th
2001–02 2 Azadegan League 9th First Round Relegated
2002–03 3 2nd Division 4th
2003–04 3 2nd Division 9th
2004–05 3 2nd Division 2nd
2005–06 3 2nd Division 3rd Second Round
2006–07 3 2nd Division 7th First Round
2007–08 3 2nd Division 14th First Round
2008–09 3 2nd Division 9th Did not qualify Relegated
2009–10 absence
2014–15 4 Tehran Province league Did not qualify
Head coaches
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