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F5, F.V, F 5, F05, F-5 may refer to:

Science and technology:

  • F5 Networks, a manufacturer of network equipment
  • Nikon F5, a camera
  • Faugère F5 algorithm, an algorithm for computing the Gröbner basis of an ideal of a multivariate polynomial ring
  • Factor V, a protein of the coagulation system
  • F5, a function key on a computer keyboard


  • Caproni Trento F-5, a jet aircraft of the 1950s
  • Caproni Vizzola F.5, an Italian fighter aircraft of 1939
  • Northrop F-5, a 1960s US jet fighter
  • F-5 Lightning, a photo-reconnaissance version of the Lockheed P-38 Lightning
  • Felixstowe F.5, a 1918 British flying boat
  • Fokker F.V, a 1922 Dutch aircraft
  • Shenyang F-5, a version of the Chinese Shenyang J-5 jet fighter


  • F5, The signature finishing move of WWE professional wrestler Brock Lesnar.(Spin-out fireman''s carry facebuster)
  • F5 (band), a rock band
  • F 5 Ljungbyhed, a Swedish Air Force training wing
  • F-05 (Michigan county highway)
  • F5 tornado, the highest intensity rating on the Fujita scale indicating an extremely violent tornado
  • F-5 Facebuster, a professional wrestling throw
  • F05 section of ICD-10 Chapter V: Mental and behavioural disorders code
  • Factsheet Five, a magazine sometimes referred as F5
  • Cosmic Air (IATA airline designator)
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