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Yuan Definition

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Yuan may refer to:

  • 1 Currency
  • 2 Governmental organ
  • 3 Dynasties
  • 4 People and languages
  • 5 Places
  • 6 Buddhism
  • 7 Submarines
  • 8 Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • 9 In fictional use
  • 10 See also

  • Chinese yuan, the basic unit of currency in China
    • Renminbi, the current currency used in the People''s Republic of China, whose basic unit is yuan
    • New Taiwan Dollar, the current currency used in the Republic of China (Taiwan), whose basic unit is yuan
    • Manchukuo yuan, the unit of currency that was used in the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo
Governmental organ
  • "Court", the name for a kind of institution in the government of the Republic of China
    • Control Yuan
    • Examination Yuan
    • Executive Yuan
    • Judicial Yuan
    • Legislative Yuan
  • Yuan Dynasty (元朝), also called the Mongol Dynasty, of China
    • Northern Yuan, the Yuan Dynasty''s successor state in Mongolia
People and languages
  • Yuan (surname), the transliteration of a number of Chinese family names (e.g. 袁, 元, 苑, 原, 源, 爰)
    • Yuan Haowen (元好問), Chinese poet, author, and official
  • Thai Yuan, a people of Northern Thailand
    • Yuan language, commonly known as Northern Thai language, language of the Thai Yuan people
  • Yu''an District, in Anhui, China
  • Yuan River (沅江 or 沅水), one of the four largest rivers in Hunan, a tributary of the Yangtze River
  • Yuanfen (缘分), Chinese or Buddhist concept that means the predetermined principle that dictates a person''s relationships and encounters
  • Type 041 submarine, PLAN Yuan class submarines
Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Yuan Qi (TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM Qi: Traditional Chinese Medicine four Qi, Yuan qi, Wei qi, Ying qi, Zong qi
In fictional use
  • Yuan (Tales of Symphonia) (ユアン), a character from Tales of Symphonia
  • Tao Yúan (Tao En), a character in Shaman King

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