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Yasir Definition

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rich, wealthy, prosperous, one who makes things easier, one who directs to the right path, one who goes against the tide

Yasser (also spelled Yaser, Yasir, or Yassir; Arabic: ياسر, Yāsir‎) is an Arabic male name, it may refer to:

Given name
  • Yasser Abdel Monem Nasr (born 29 -6- 1969) The Prince of Egypt
  • Yasir ibn Amir (died 615 C.E.) is known in the Islamic traditions as the second person in history to be martyred for having adopted the faith of Islam
  • Yassir Abdul-Mohsen, Iraqi footballer
  • Yaser Salem Ali, Emirati footballer
  • Yasser Arafat (1929–2004), Palestinian leader
  • Yasser al-Azma, Syrian writer and actor
  • Yasser Al-Baadani (born 1986), Yemeni football defender
  • Yasser Al Borhamy (born 1958), Egyptian Muslim activist
  • Yasser Ibrahim Farag (born 1984), Egyptian shot putter
  • Yaser Hacımustafaoğlu, Turkish footballer
  • Yasser el Halaby, Egyptian squash player
  • Yaser Kasim, Iraqi footballer
  • Yasser Khalil (born 1972), Egyptian journalist
  • Yasser Al Mosailem (born 1984), Saudi Arabian professional football player
  • Yasser Faraco (born 1983), Cuban artist / designer / photographer
  • Yasser Portuondo (born 1983), Cuban volleyball player
  • Yasser Al-Qahtani (born 1982), Saudi Arabian professional football player
  • Yassir Raad, Iraqi footballer
  • Yasser Abd Rabbo (born 1944), Palestinian politician
  • Yasser Hashemi Rafsanjani (born 1971), Iranian politician
  • Yasser Seirawan (born 1960), American chess player
  • Yaser Shigan, Syrian boxer
  • Yassir al-Sirri, Egyptian militant
  • Yaser Yıldız, Turkish footballer
  • Yasser Talal Al Zahrani (1984–2006), Saudi Arabian extra judicial prisoner of the United States
  • Yasser Pineiro (born 1982), Havana,Cuba
  • Yasir Lodhi (born 1989),Pakistan Lahore SEO Analyst
  • Ammar ibn Yasir, one of the companions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad
  • Hussein Yasser (born 1984), Egyptian-Qatari footballer
  • Ramadan Yasser (born 1980), Egyptian boxer

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