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(Wikipedia) - Valiasr Street   (Redirected from Valiasr) "Valiasr" redirects here. For the village in Fars Province, see Valiasr, Fars. Vali Asr Street خيابان ولی عصر Length Location From To
17.9 km (11.1 mi)
Tajrish Square
Rahahan Square

Valiasr Street (Persian: ولی عصر ‎) is a tree-lined street in Tehran, Iran, dividing the metropolis into western and eastern parts. It is considered one of Tehran''s main thoroughfares and commercial centres. It is also the longest street in the Middle East, and was reported as one of the longest in the world by former BBC (now Al Jazeera) journalist Rageh Omaar during the television documentary Welcome to Tehran.

The street was built by Reza Shah Pahlavi''s order and called the Pahlavi Street. After the 1979 Islamic Revolution the street''s name was changed initially to Mossadeq Street (in reference to former nationalist prime minister Mohammad Mossadeq) and later to Valiasr (a reference to the 12th Shi''ite Imam). Valiasr Street is the hub of different activities in Tehran and innumerable shops and restaurants as well a large number of parks (like Mellat Park), highways, cultural centers are situated along this long avenue.

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Valiasr Avenue is the main Shopping street in Tehran and whole Iran. Many Foreign chain stores have branches on this street like Benetton Group (3 stores), Reebok, Adidas and etc.. Many important Shopping centers of Tehran are located on the Valiasr street like the Tandis Center (located at northest point of the street at Tajrish Sq.), the Safavieh Mall, the Eskan Shopping center and many more. Many luxury jewellery and accessories stores like Rolex, Tag Heuer and etc. are located on this street. Furthermore hundreds of other local stores are located at Valiasr.

OtherValiasr Sq. before Iranian Revolution
  • Many Restaurants and hotels are located and distributed on this street.
  • Tehran City Theatre
  • Mellat Park and Saéi Park (Two of Tehran´s most visited Parks)
  • Many Cinemas

Valiasr runs from the Tehran''s railway station (1117 meters elevation above see level) in the south of the city

to the Tajrish square (1612 meters elevation above see level) in the north.

Valiasr runs for 12 miles (19.3 kilometers), north to south, and is filled with traffic at all hours, even until the early hours of the morning. The shops stay open late and the kiosks sell fresh fruit juice, coffee and newspapers.

From North to South From South to North
Tajrish Square Shahrdari Street Fana Khosro Street
Pasyan Street
Parkway Junction Chamran Expressway Modares Expressway
Niayesh Expressway Esfandyar Street
Mirdamad Boulevard
Vanak Square Haghani Expressway Vanak Street Mollasadra Street Berezil Street
Hemmat Expressway
Abbaspur Street
Beheshti Street
Ostad Motahari Street
Asadabadi Street
Fatemi Street
Valiasr Square Karimkhan Zand Boulevard Keshavarz Boulevard
Vali Asr Metro Station
Taleqani Street
Valiasr Junction Enqelab Street
Valiasr Intersection Metro Station
Jomhuri-ye Eslami Street
Pastor Street Jami Street
Emam Khomeini Street
Daneshgah-e Emam Ali Metro Station
Moniriyeh Square Moayyeri Street Abu Said Street
Moniriyeh Metro Station
Qazvin Street
Mowlavi Street
Mokhtari Street
Rahahan Metro Station
Rahahan Square Shush Street Kargar Street Tehran Railway Station
  • Valiasr on a snowy winter day

  • Pedestrians outside of a mall along Valiasr Street

  • VALI ASR STRRET - winter 1390-2011

  • Valiasr Street before tajrish sq

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