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Harry S. Truman (b. May 8, 1884 - d. Dec. 26, 1972), 33rd president of the United States (1945-1953)He worked at various jobs before serving with distinction in World War I. He became a partner in a Kansas City haberdashery; when the business failed, he entered Democratic Party politics with the help of Thomas Pendergast. He was elected county judge (1922-24), and he later became presiding judge of the county court (1926-34). His reputation for honesty and good management gained him bipartisan support. In the U.S. Senate (1935-45), he led a committee that exposed fraud in defense production. In 1944 he was chosen to replace the incumbent Henry Wallace as the Democratic Party vice presidential nominee, and he won election with Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt. After only 82 days as vice president, he became president on Roosevelt's death (April 1945). He quickly made final arrangements for the San Francisco charter-writing meeting of the UN, helped arrange Germany's unconditional surrender on May 8, which ended World War II in Europe, and in July attended the Potsdam Conference. The Pacific war ended officially on Sep, 2, after he ordered atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki; his justification was a report that 500,000 U.S. troops would be lost in a conventional invasion of Japan. He announced what would become known as the Truman Doctrine, which entailed aid for Greece and Turkey (1947); established the Central Intelligence Agency; and pressed for passage of the Marshall Plan to aid the economic recovery of western Europe. In the 1948 presidential election he defeated Thomas Dewey despite widespread expectation of his own defeat. On July 26, 1948, Truman issued an executive order banning segregation in the armed forces. He initiated a foreign policy of containment to restrict the Soviet Union's sphere of influence, pursued his Point Four Program, and initiated the Berlin airlift and the NATO pact of 1949. He sent troops under Gen. Douglas MacArthur to fight in the Korean War. Problems of pursuing the war occupied his administration until he retired. He was often criticized during his presidency and his reputation dropped steadily in time. (Wikipedia) - Truman

Truman is a name of English origin that can be traced back to the Devon region of England. It may refer to:

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People Surname

See Truman (surname).

Given name
  • Truman Baxter (1867–1931), Canadian politician
  • Truman Bewley (born 1941), American economist
  • Truman Boardman (1810–1895), American politician
  • Truman Capote (1924–1984), American author
  • Truman C. Everts (1816–1901), American explorer
  • Truman H. Judd (1817-1884), American politician
  • Truman Kimbro (1919–1944), American soldier
  • Truman Landon (1905–1986), American air force general
  • Truman G. Madsen (1926–2009), American religious philosopher
  • Truman Michelson (1879–1938), American linguist
  • Truman Newberry (1864–1945), American politician
  • Truman Olson (1917–1944), American soldier
  • Truman Henry Safford (1836–1901), American calculating prodigy
  • Truman Seymour (1824–1891), American general
  • Truman Smith (1791–1884), American politician
  • Truman Smith (officer) (1893-1970), American infantry officer
  • Truman G. Younglove (1815–1882), American politician
  • Truman Burbank, fictional character in the film The Truman Show
  • Truman Motley, fictional character in the 1976-2000 comic strip Motley''s Crew
  • Will Truman, fictional character in the television series Will and Grace

United States

  • Truman, Minnesota
  • Truman, Wisconsin
Other uses
  • The Truman Show, 1998 film
  • Truman (book), a biography of Harry S. Truman by David McCullough
  • Truman''s Brewery, a former London''s famous brewery closed in 1989
  • Truman Day
  • Truman Doctrine
  • Truman (film), 1995 film based on the book by McCullough
  • Truman Sports Complex, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Truman State University, Missouri
  • USS Harry S Truman (CVN-75)
  • The Truth about Truman School, a 2008 children''s book by Dori Hillestad Butler
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