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حزب توده

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Updated:Sunday 16th December 2007

Toodeh Party Definition

The Toodeh Party is Iran's main communist party, sponsored by the Soviet Union with an official publication called Mardom.The Toodeh Party of Iran aka Hezb-e Tudeh is an Iranian communist party. Formed in 1941, with Soleyman Mohsen Eskandari as its head, it had considerable influence in its early years. The party was banned by the Islamic Republic in 1982.The history of the communist movement in Iran dates back to the late 19th century, when Marxism first became introduced to the nation's intellectual and working classes as a result of the rapid growth of industry and the subsequent transformation of the country from feudalism into capitalism. Being close to Russia and Azerbaijan, northern Iran became the primary center of underground Marxist and social democrat political activity, and many such groups came into being over the years.The Communist Party of Iran was founded in June 1920 in Bandar-e Anzali, in the province of Gilan, as a result of the first congress of Iranian social democrats. Heidar Amou Oghly became the secretary-general of the new party. Unfortunately, activities of the Toodeh Party have been mixed with treason and specially after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it does not have a great audience any more.

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