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Shell Definition

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Shell may refer to:

  • 1 Architecture and design
  • 2 Business
  • 3 Chemistry and Physics
  • 4 Computing
  • 5 Entertainment
  • 6 Nature
  • 7 Places
  • 8 Watercraft
  • 9 Weaponry
  • 10 Other uses
  • 11 Persons with the surname Shell
  • 12 See also
Architecture and design
  • Concrete shell thin shell of concrete, usually with no interior columns or exterior buttresses
  • Shell (structure) structural element with very small thickness
  • Thin-shell structure light weight constructions using shell elements
Business Chemistry and Physics
  • Electron shell or a principal energy level of electrons outside an atom''s nucleus
  • On shell and off shell, quantum field theory concepts depending on whether classical equations of motion are obeyed
  • Shell (computing), a type of user interface
    • Command-line interface, sometimes referred to as "command shell"
    • List of command-line interpreters, programs occasionally referred to as "shells"
  • Operating system shell
  • Shell account, a user account on a remote server
  • Secure Shell protocol
  • Shell sort, a sorting algorithm
  • An empty expert system
  • Shell (film)
  • Shell (theater), a curved surface for reflecting sound
  • The Shells, a musical group
  • "Shells" (Angel), a TV episode
  • A receptical used in the Shell game
  • Seashell, a hard outer layer of a marine animal, found on beaches
  • Exoskeleton, an external covering of some animals
    • Mollusc shell
      • Bivalve shell
      • Gastropod shell
    • Brachiopod shell
    • Turtle shell
  • Eggshell
  • Nutshell
Places Watercraft
  • Racing shell, a watercraft
  • Shell (projectile), an explosive device fired from artillery
  • Shotgun shell, a type of shotgun ammunition
Other uses
  • Shell (machinery), each half of a two-piece plain bearing
  • Coverage shell, the number of defenders guarding the deep portion of the field in American football
  • Shell, a woman''s blouse or T-shirt
Persons with the surname Shell
  • Art Shell (born 1946), American football player and coach
  • Donnie Shell (born 1952), American football player
  • Donald Shell (born 1924), American computer scientist
  • Karl Shell (born 1938), American economist

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