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Shahnaz Definition

Princess Shahnaz Pahlavi born October 27, 1940 is the first child of the late Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, and his first wife, Princess Fouziyeh of Egypt. Since the Iranian revolution she has lived in Switzerland.Her first marriage was to Ardeshir Zahedi, one time Iranian Foreign Minister and twice Iranian Ambassador to the United States (1957-1964 & 1972-1979). They have one daughter named Zahra Mahnaz (Valagohar) born December 2, 1958.Shahnaz later married Khosrau Jahanbani in February of 1971. They have one son, Keykhosrau (born 1971) and one daughter, Fawzia (born 1973). (Wikipedia) - Shahnaz

Shahnaz or Shehnaz is a given name, generally to a baby girl. It means Pride of a king from Persian elements Shah king and Naaz pride.

Shahnaaz is a female Dari name that can be translated in English as "sweet music".

Also spelled Shahnaz or Shaanaaz-Shaan in Hindi means: stately, elegant, a style of eloquence, "Naaz": pride

Notable bearers
  • Shahnaz Pahlavi (born 1940), princess
  • Shahnaz Sheikh, Pakistan''s hockey player
  • Shehnaz Sheikh, Pakistani Actress
  • Shehnaz Akram lover of Nawab Mirza Ali Hassan Baig
  • Shahnaz Hussain
  • Sarab-e Shahnaz
  • Shahnaz Bukhari, Pakistani clinical psychologist, and activist. She is founder and director of the non-governmental organisation, Progressive Women’s Association (PWA)
  • Shahnaz Pakravan, radio and television presenter
  • Shahnaz Rahmatullah, Bangladeshi singer who is very popular in Bangladesh and Pakistan. She gained popularity when she sang in Pakistani films..Her brother Zafar Iqbal (actor) was one of the most popular hero in the Bangladesh Film industry
  • Jalil Shahnaz (born 1921), Iranian tar player born in 1921 in Isfahan
  • Shahnaz Wazir Ali, social activist and a Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Pakistan. She is the chairperson of Higher Education Commission (HEC)
  • Shahnaz street, a street in Tabriz, Iran. The street is well-known because of its distinct architecture, the churches and shops. It is passing through few of Tabriz old suburbs including Baron Avak and Emamiye connecting them to the city center and Bazaar of Tabriz
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