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Sis or SIS may refer to:

  • 1 People
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  • 3 Organizations
    • 3.1 Intelligence
    • 3.2 Businesses
    • 3.3 Schools
    • 3.4 Other organizations
  • 4 Information processing
  • 5 Biological sciences
  • 6 Technologies
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  • Michael Sis (born 1960), American Catholic bishop
Places Organizations Intelligence
  • Schengen Information System, in Europe
  • Secret Intelligence Service, UK intelligence agency, also known as MI6
  • Australian Secret Intelligence Service,
  • Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Canada''s national intelligence service
  • New Zealand Security Intelligence Service, an intelligence agency of the New Zealand government
  • Finnish Security Intelligence Service, the intelligence agency of Finland in charge of national security
  • Slovenská informačná služba, Slovak Intelligence Service
  • Special Intelligence Service, a secret FBI intelligence agency operating in South America during World War II
  • Signals Intelligence Service, the former United States Army codebreaking division
  • Information and Security Service of the Republic of Moldova, the principal intelligence agency of Moldova.
  • Serviço de Informações de Segurança, a Portuguese intelligence agency
  • Survey of India Service, formerly the Great Trigonometric Survey
  • Special Investigations Section, a section of the Los Angeles Police Department
  • Signals Intelligence Section, involved with the Magic project during World War II
  • SIS International Research, a global market research firm headquartered in New York City
  • Silicon Integrated Systems, an electronics manufacturing company
  • Satellite Information Services, a news service company
  • Siemens IT Solutions and Services, a service provider which is part of Siemens AG headquarters
  • SIS (motorbikes), a Portuguese manufacturer of motorcycles
Schools Canada
  • McGill University School of Information Studies
  • Shekou International School, in Shekou
  • Singapore International School, in Hong Kong
  • South Island School, in Hong Kong
  • School of International Studies of the Dresden University of Technology
  • Surabaya International School
South Korea
  • Seoul International School
SwedenUnited States
  • School of International Service, American University, Washington, D.C.
  • Syracuse University School of Information Studies
  • University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences
Other organizations
  • Sisters in Islam, an organization based in Malaysia
  • Swedish Standards Institute, formerly Standardiseringskommissionen i Sverige
  • Specialized Information Services, a division of the United States National Library of Medicine
Information processing
  • SIS (file format), Symbian OS filename extension
  • Single-instance storage, information-storage space-saving mechanism
  • Strategic information system, a part of corporate strategy
  • Student information system, a software application for education establishments to manage student data
  • Sequential Importance Sampling
Biological sciences
  • Small intestinal submucosa, transplantation tissue
  • Second-impact syndrome, synergy in concussions
  • Sex in space, an area of biological research
  • Selective inverted sink, frost protection device
  • Safety instrumented system or safety instrumentation system
  • Space Infrastructure Servicing, a robotic spacecraft for in-space refueling of communication satellites
  • SiS (TV series), a morning talk show
  • Sister
  • Sissy, a pejorative term for a boy or man who violates or does not meet the traditional male gender role
  • Shimano Index Shifting, bicycle transmission design
  • Single-image stereogram
  • Superconductor-insulator-superconductor tunnel junction
  • Swedish National Board of Institutional Care, abbreviated SiS
  • SIS 18, an accelerator at the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research
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