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Rakhsh Definition

Rakhsh is the name of Rostam's legendary white horse from Shahnameh of Ferdowsi. (Wikipedia) - Rakhsh Rustam sleeps, while his horse Rakhsh fends off a lion. 1515-22

Rakhsh (in Persian: رخش‎ meaning luminous) is the stallion of main protagonist Rostam in the Persian national epic, Shahnameh of Ferdowsi.

The color of Rakhsh is described as "rose leaves that have been scattered upon a saffron ground" and it is first noticed by Rostam amongst the flocks of horses brought over from Zabulistan and Kabul. In this first encounter Rakhsh is described as a mighty colt with the chest and shoulders of a lion and it appears to have the strength of an elephant. He is highly intelligent and his loyalty is legendary. No one but Rostam ever rides Rakhsh, and Rakhsh recognizes no one but Rostam as his master. Also, he is the only horse ever that Rostam could ride, since his great strength and weight would kill other horses.

Due to divine favor protecting Rostam, Rakhsh lives an unusually long life. Rostam and Rakhsh both die by the treason of Rostam''s half-brother, Shaghad.

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