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Portland Definition

Portland commonly refers to: Portland, Oregon, United States Portland, Maine, United States Isle of Portland, England, the origin of the name (Wikipedia) - Portland
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Portland commonly refers to:

  • Portland, Oregon, United States
  • Portland, Maine, United States
  • Isle of Portland, England

Portland may also refer to:

ContentsPlaces and establishments Australia
  • Cape Portland, Tasmania, a cape on the north-eastern tip of Tasmania
  • Portland, New South Wales, a town with the first Australian cement works
  • Portland, Victoria, a regional city and port
  • City of Portland (Victoria), former Local Government Area (LGA)
  • Port Lands, Toronto, Ontario, sometimes mistakenly spelled "Portlands", the eastern part of the Toronto waterfront
  • Portland Island (British Columbia), a small island off the coast of Vancouver island
  • Portland Inlet, an inlet between southeastern Alaska and British Columbia
    • Portland Canal, an arm of Portland Inlet
  • Portland Estates, Nova Scotia, an area of Halifax
  • Portland, Ontario, a town north of Kingston, Ontario
Hong Kong
  • Portland Street, a popular business and shopping street in Hong Kong
  • Portland, County Tipperary, a townland in North Tipperary
  • Portland Parish, on Jamaica''s north-east coast
  • Portland Point, Jamaica''s southernmost point
New Zealand
  • Portland, New Zealand, a town south of Whangarei
  • Portland Island, New Zealand, an island off the Mahia Peninsula
United Kingdom
  • Great Portland Street, a street in the West End of London
  • Isle of Portland, a peninsula on the coast of Dorset, the origin of the name
    • Portland Bill, the headland at the tip of the Isle of Portland
    • Portland Harbour, a large man-made harbour between the Isle of Portland and the mainland
    • Weymouth and Portland, a local government district of Dorset, including the Isle of Portland
    • HM Prison Portland, a prison for male young offenders on the Isle of Portland
  • Portland College, an education establishment in the county of Nottinghamshire
  • Portland Gallery, an art gallery in Westminster, London
  • Portland House, a building in Westminster, London
  • Portland Place, a street in the Marylebone district of central London
  • Portland Square, Bristol, a Georgian square in the city of Bristol
  • Manchester One, formerly known as Portland Tower, a tower block in Manchester
  • Portland Walk Shopping Centre, a shopping centre in Barrow-in-Furness
United States
  • Portland City, Alaska, was founded in 1907 but renamed in 1915 to Hyder, Alaska
  • Portland, Arkansas
  • Portland, Fremont County, Colorado
  • Portland, Colorado in Ouray County
  • Portland, Connecticut
  • Portland, Illinois, a proposed city adjacent to Blue Island, Illinois, that was later largely incorporated into it
  • Portland, Indiana, a city in Jay County near the eastern border of the state
  • Portland, a former name for Fountain, Indiana, in Fountain County near the western border of the state
  • Portland Township, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa
    • Portland, Iowa, census-designated place in Portland Township
  • Portland, Kansas
  • Portland, Kentucky, a community in Adair County
  • Portland, Louisville, Kentucky, a former town and now a neighborhood in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky
  • Portland, Maine, largest city in Maine
  • South Portland, Maine, adjoining Portland, Maine
  • New Portland, Maine (not near Portland, Maine)
  • Portland, Michigan
  • Portland, Missouri
  • Portland, New York
  • Portland, North Dakota
  • Portland, Ohio
  • Portland, Oregon, the largest city in the United States named Portland
  • Portland, Pennsylvania
  • Portland, Tennessee
  • Portland, Texas
  • Portland, Dodge County, Wisconsin, a town
    • Portland (community), Dodge County, Wisconsin
  • Portland, Monroe County, Wisconsin
    • Portland (community), Monroe County, Wisconsin
  • City of Portland (train), a passenger train running between Chicago, Illinois, and Portland, Oregon
  • Duke of Portland (whaler), an American whaling ship
  • HMS Portland, any of eight ships of the British Navy
  • Portland (shipwreck), a ship sunk in the Portland Gale off New England in 1898
  • Portland (steam tug 1875)
  • Portland (steam tug 1947), a preserved sternwheel tugboat based in Portland, Oregon
  • USS Portland, either of two United States Navy ships
Sports teamsBased in Portland, Oregon
  • Portland Beavers, a former PCL minor league baseball team
  • Portland Pilots, the intercollegiate athletic program of the University of Portland
  • Portland Thorns FC, American professional women''s soccer club since 2013; operated by the current Portland Timbers (below)
  • Portland Timbers (disambiguation), several different soccer teams, including this incarnation:
    • Portland Timbers, American professional soccer club since 2011
  • Portland Trail Blazers, an NBA basketball team
  • Portland Winterhawks, a WHL hockey team
Based in Portland, Maine
  • Portland Pirates, an AHL minor league hockey team
  • Portland Sea Dogs, an EL minor league baseball team
Based elsewhere
  • SDC San Antonio, formerly known as Portland San Antonio, a Spanish ASOBAL handball team based in Pamplona, Spain
Other uses
  • Battle of Portland, a sea battle off the Isle of Portland in 1653 during the First Anglo-Dutch War
  • Battle of Portland Harbor, a naval battle near Portland, Maine in 1863 during the American Civil War
  • Portland (film), a 1996 Danish film
  • Portland cement, the type of cement used for most mortar and concrete
  • Portland Club (London), a club in London, the recognized authority on the games of whist and bridge
  • Portland Club (Portland, Maine), a club in Portland, Maine
  • Portland Formation, a geological formation in the northeastern United States
  • Portland Gale, a storm off New England in 1898
  • Portland Hoffa, an American comedian
  • Portland Island, a fictional island in Liberty City in the video game Grand Theft Auto
  • Portland Orange, a color of light emitted by the don''t walk phase of pedestrian crossing signals in North America
  • Portland Project, an initiative to encourage the use of Linux on desktop computers
  • Portland sheep, an ancient breed of sheep from the Isle of Portland
  • Portland Spurge (Euphorbia portlandica), plant belonging to the family Euphorbiaceae
  • Portland stone, limestone from the Isle of Portland
  • Portland Vase, a Roman antique exhibited at the British Galleries

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