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Updated:Tuesday 4th October 2011

Ordibeheshtgan Definition

Ordibeheshtgan is one of ancient Iranian Festivities. It is one of 12 monthly Iranian Feasts and one of Persian fire festivals.Aside from the second month of the Persian year, the third day of each ancient month is called Ordibehesht.For thousands of years, on Ordibeheshtgan celebrations, Iranian peoples wear white robes signifying purity. Due to the fact that during Ordibeheshtgan flowers blossom in many parts of Iran, it is also called Golestan Feast or Festival of Flowers too, a similar festival takes place in Netherlands. Persian Community in The Netherlands commemorates Ordibeheshtgan Festival and wishes peace and freedom to all nations in the World. Ordibeheshtgan is celebrated by Zoroastrian students and teachers in Tehran fire Temple, by reciting group prayers. After the prayers the participants are served with a traditional stew called Ash.According to the official Iranian Calendar, Ordibehesht, 2nd is celebrated as Ordibeheshtgan which falls on April 21st according to the Georgian Calendar.Marzangoosh (Oregano flower) is the symbol of Ordibeheshtgan. Also called Mountain mint, Marzangoosh has been known to many medical applications in ancient Iranian medicine.According to Avesta, Ordibehesht is the second Amshaspand (a guardian angel). According to Zoroastrian theology, Artavahishteh represents Ordibehesht that signifies the best of all truth and order. The Amshaspand has both earthly and heavenly faces. In divinity, Artavahishteh represents truth and righteousness and on earth; it's the guardian of fire and light.

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