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National Front Definition

The National Front of Iran is a Democratic, political opposition group founded by Mohammad Mosaddegh and other secular Iranian leaders of Nationalist, Liberal, and Social-Democratic political orientation who had been educated in France in the late 1940s. It held power in the Iranian parliament for several years prior to the 1953 Iranian coup d'état and continued as an opposition force thereafter.Founded in the late 1940s by Mohammad Mosaddegh, the National Front was a political coalition comprising a broad spectrum of parties and associations. The most important groups in the Front were the Iran Party, the Toilers Party, the National Party, and the Tehran Association of Bazaar Trade and Craft Guilds." Soon after its founding, the National Front opposed the existing Western domination and control of Iran's natural resources, and related revenues, which began with colonialist concessions given during the Qajar Dynasty. By the mid-1940s, Iran's oil assets were owned by the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, whose predecessor company bought the concession from William Knox D'Arcy. D'Arcy had negotiated the concession in 1901 with Mozaffaroddin Shah Qajar, the king of Persia, who granted a 60-year petroleum search concession in a transaction in which no money changed hands. For most of the first half of the twentieth century, Iran's oil was the British government's single largest overseas investment; 51 percent of the company was owned by the British government. The AIOC, which later became BP consistently violated the terms of the agreement that had been updated in 1933, and was reluctant to change the terms of the agreement even as Iran's movement for nationalization grew in the late 1940s. Although AIOC was highly profitable, "its Iranian workers were poorly paid and lived in squalid conditions."The goal of the National Front was to nationalize Iran's oil resources and to counteract British dominance of Iran's internal affairs by initiating direct relations with the United States. The National Front became the governing coalition when it took office in April 1951 with Mosaddegh elected Prime Minister. Mosaddegh's minister of foreign affairs Hossein Fatemi enforced the "Oil Nationalization Act", passed by the Majlis in March, 1953 and ratified by the Senate. The act, reluctantly signed by the shah, called for nationalization of the assets held by AIOC, from which the government of Iran then only received minimal compensation. This led to British counter-moves and the loss of nearly all income during the Abadan Crisis.Following Britain's request, U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower authorized the American Central Intelligence Agency, CIA to overthrow the Mosaddegh government in an event known as the 1953 Iranian coup d'état called Operation TP-AJAX. Prior to the coup, the National Front was made up of four main part (Wikipedia) - National Front

National Front can refer to the following political parties and coalitions:

  • National Front (Albania)
  • Partyja BPF, Belarus
  • Botswana National Front
  • Chin National Front, a political and military organization in Burma
  • National Front (France)
  • Nationalist Front, a German neo-Nazi group that is sometimes translated as National Front
  • Mizo National Front, India
  • National Front (India)
  • National Front (Iran) (Jebhe-ye Melli Iran)
  • National Front for the Salvation of Libya
  • Barisan Nasional (National Front) in Malaysia
  • New Zealand National Front
  • Balawaristan National Front, Pakistan
  • United National Front (Sri Lanka)
  • Swaziland National Front, a political party in Swaziland
  • National Front (UK)
  • National Front (Greece)
Defunct political parties
  • National Front (Australia)
  • National Front (Belgium)
  • Bulgarian National Front
  • National Front (Colombia) (1958–1974), an agreement between the Liberal and Conservative parties
  • National Front (Czechoslovakia)
  • National Front (East Germany)
  • Rahvarinne, Estonia
  • Finnish People''s Blue-whites, known as National Front 1997–2001
  • Front National (Resistance movement), France
  • National Front (Hungary)
  • National Front (India)
  • Fronte Nazionale, Italy
  • Namibia National Front
  • Black Front (Netherlands) (1934–41), known as National Front 1940–41
  • South African National Front, neo-fascist organisation associated with the British National Front
  • Frente Nacional (Spain)
  • National Front (Switzerland)

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